We are a building a fair and community-based ecosystem. We focus on commons, transparency, equality and digital minimalism.


We are a fork from also check out their Website.


HODLers of Co-Token will receive passive rewards from simply holding the token in their wallet,
as every transaction (buy, sell, and transfer) has a 10% fee

4% - Distributed as rewards

5% - Locked Liquidity

0.5% - Charity

0.5% - Mining Pool

In addition,
Co-Token is also used as partial redemption collateral for the Cash stablecoin, which is
minted by providing Binance USD (BUSD). There will be a starting supply of one
quadrillion Co-Token tokens and distribution will be as the following:


49% sent to the graveyard (burn address with auto-balancing burn mechanism)

25% towards community participants during liquidity drive event

25% towards contract owned locked liquidity

0.5% towards marketing/ development

0.5% Charity and Mining Pool

25% backed by Co-Token

75% backed by BUSD

Cash Stablecoin


Development Stage

• Website
• Whitepaper
• Promotion/Marketing
• Building An Community
• Crowdfunding
• Developing of Smart Contracts and DAPP
• DAO on

Release Stage

Stage 1:
• Launch of the Co-token and associated DAPP with a one week Liquidity Drive Event
• Pancakeswap listing from the Co-token.

Stage 2:
• Release of the stablecoin cash and the Native Stacking.

Stage 3:
Release of the Cash bonding system.

Stage 4: Release of the basic income lottery

• Charity Wallet
• Community Fund
• KYC Founder
• Audit
• Coin Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

Future Stage

• Digital Wellbeing Mining App
• Universal Basic Income Lottery
• Progressive Taxes
• Community Fund
• Fair Loans
• Crowdfunding
• Mobile App

Our Team


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